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Dear student leaders:

I hope all your families are safe after the typhoon, please let us know if
any of you or your schoolmates need any assistance.

There are several ways that people can provide cash donation to the TW
people suffered great loss after typhoon, please pass along to whoever would
like to help.

內政部專戶:  銀行匯款 wire through bank 至 Mega International Commerical
Bank (兆豐國際商業銀行國外部) 帳號: 007-09-087816, 戶名:  Ministry of
Interior Donation Account.
Swift code: ICBCTWTP007

世界日報:  寄支票 Please send check to : World Jounal Culture FDN for 88
Flood Relief, World Journal, 141-07 20 Ave. Whitestone, NY 11357.  Make
check payable to World Journal Culture FDN for 88 Flood Relief

慈濟波士頓聯絡處:寄支票 Please send check to : Tzu chi Foundation, Boston
Service Center, 15 Summer Street,
Newton, MA 02464, Make check payable to
Tzu Chi.
信用卡捐款至慈濟美國總會 call
888-989-8244 and charge to credit card

Please take good care of yourselves and pass our concerns to all your fellow
Taiwan schoolmates.  We will plan a student leader meeting on 9/12.  Will
let you know when we finalize the plan.

Looking forward to see you all soon,

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