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Wed Feb 11 00:47:24 EST 2004

Dear Friends,
  As the new semester begins we would like to thank all those who have
served in formal leadership positions over the past semester, working
tirelessly to foster Jewish life on campus.  We would also like to
congratulate new and returning leaders and wish them all the best of luck
in the coming year.
 It has been a true honor and pleasure to serve you over the past year,
and we hope we have made a difference, big or small, in your Jewish
experiences here.

Sincerely yours,
Steering Committee 2003
Josh Rosenbloom, President (rosenbl at fas)
Michael Grunfeld, VP Communications (grunfeld at fas)
Arielle Cohen, VP Community Building (ajcohen at fas)
Colin Kelly, VP Community Relations (cskelly at fas)
Shoshana Lew, VP Education (slew at fas)
Shlomit Feit, VP Shabbat and Holidays (feit at fas)


Community Building Committee
VP: Arielle Cohen
Campus Kosher Food Coordinators: Naomi Cohen (nrcohen at fas), Lanie Schultz
(eschultz at fas)
House Jewish Life: Jill Copeland (copelan at fas), Miriam Lense (lense at fas)
Intergenerational Programming: Nathan Perl-Rosenthal (nperlros at fas)
Social: Ayelet Leibovicz (lebovicz at fas), Darren Morris (dmorris at fas),
Merav Weill (weill at fas)
Sports: Eric Trager (trager at fas)
Women's Group: Anat Maytal (maytal at fas), Miriam Tawil (tawil at fas)

Community Relations Committee
VP: Colin Kelly
Interethnic: Blaine Saito (bsaito at fas), Alyssa Saunders (saunders at fas),
Rachel Stein (rstein at fas), Shira Kieval (kieval at fas)
Social Action: Sarah Abel (sabel at fas)
Regional: Rafi Nemes (nemes at fas), Dina Yanushpolsky (yanushp at fas)
At Large: Alexa Summer (asummer at fas)

Education Committee
VP: Shoshana Lew
Classes and Curriculum: Julia Bonnheim (bonnheim at fas), Rebecca Zeidel
(zeidel at fas), Reuben Savits (savits at fas)
Arts: Shai Davis (davis5 at fas)
Israel Education: Anna Rosenblum (arosenbl at fas)
Library: Jayme Herschkopf (herschk at fas)

Shabbat and Holidays
VP: Shlomit Feit
Holidays: Miki Cohen (mgcohen at fas), Ilana Gelfman (igelfman at fas), Ellie
Kaplow (kaplow at fas), Fiona Kaye (kaye at fas), Josh Kipnees (kipnees at fas)
Israel Celebration: Shira Pinnas (pinnas at fas)
Shabbat: Ari Moskowitz (moskowit at fas), Rebecca Rubins (rubins at fas)

VP: Michael Grunfeld

Leadership Council
Chair: Rachel Galper (rgalper at fas)
Members: Zach Bercu (bercu at fas), Rozalina Grubina (rgrubina at fas), David
Hammer (dhammer at fas), Colin Kelly (cskelly at fas), Darren Morris
(dmorris at fas), Josh Rosenbloom (rosenbl at fas), Alyssa Saunders
(saunders at fas), Anna Solomon-Schwartz (csolomon at fas), Ryan Pakter
(pakter at fas), Elina Onitskansky (onitskan at fas), Ari Moskowitz
(moskowit at fas), Shai Davis (davis5 at fas),


Steering Committee

Anna Solomon-Schwartz, President (csolomon at
Eric Trager, VP for Community Building (trager at
Dina Yanushpolsky, VP for Community Relations (yanushp at
Jayme Herschkopf, VP for Education (herschk at
Shlomit Feit, VP for Shabbat and Holidays (feit at
Rafi Nemes, VP for Communication (nemes at

Community Building Committee
Vice President for Community Building:  Eric Trager
(trager at

Cooking: Miriam Tawil (tawil at

Decorative Arts: Rebecca Miller(rsmiller at and Miriam
Palmer-Sherman (mpalmer at

Dining Hall: Alex Edelman (aedelman at

Drama: Aaron Harris (akharris at

Freshman Coordinators: Sara Slavin (sslavin at and Alexa
Summer (asummer at

House Jewish Life: Arie Hasit (hasit at and Miriam Lense
(lense at

Intergenerational Programming: Nathan
Perl-Rosenthal(nperlros at

Music: Joe Fishman (fishman at

Social Chairs: Laura Arandes (arandes at, Judy Greenberg
(greenber at, Judy Herbstman(herbstm at,
Ayelet Lebovicz (lebovicz at, and Darren Morris
(dmorris at

High Commissioner for Sports: Jonathan Murstein (murstein at

Study Breaks: Lora Dagi (dagi at

Community Relations Committee
Vice President for Community Relations: Dina Yanushpolsky
(yanushp at

Environmental: Sarah Abel (sabel at

Interethnic: Leah Pillsbury (pillsbur at

Social Action Coordinators: Hannah Sarah Faich (faich at,
Alex Harwin (harwin at, Rachel Nearnberg
(nearnber at, Amy Schoenfeld(arschoen at

Regional: Jessica Rosenfeld (rosenf at

Education Committee
Vice President for Education: Jayme Herschkopf (herschk at

Intrareligious Dialogue: Jessie Marglin (marglin at

Israel Education: Anna Rosenblum (arosenbl at

Women's Issues: Anat Maytal (maytal at

Members-at-Large: Julia Bonnheim (bonnheim at, Asher Fredman
(fredman at, Bryan Lemus (lemus at, and Elina
Onitskansky (onitskan at

Shabbat and Holidays Committee
Vice President for Shabbat and Holidays: Shlomit Feit
(feit at

Holidays Team: Ellie Kaplow (kaplow at, Fiona Kaye
(kaye at, Josh Kipnees (kipnees at, and Ari
Moskowitz (moskowit at

Shabbat Crew: Miki Cohen (mgcohen at, Arielle Kagan
(kagan at, Dan Stolz (stolz at, and Alan Tabak
(tabak at

Communications Committee
Vice President for Communications: Rafi Nemes (nemes at

Calendar: Erica Farber (farber at and Bari Schwartz
(bschwart at

Poster Marketing: Amy Morgenstern (morgens at

Webmaster: Kevin Heaps (heaps at

Israel Initiative Coordinator:

Danny Shoag (shoag at

Grinspoon Israel Advocacy Intern:

Rozalina Grubina (grubina at

Leadership Council:

David Hammer (head)             dhammer at fas
Shai Davis                      davis5 at fas
Abbe Finberg                    finberg at fas
Rachel Galper                   rgalper at fas
Rozalina Grubina                grubina at fas
Michael Grunfeld                grunfeld at fas
Colin Kelly                     cskelly at fas
Ari Moskowitz                   moskowit at fas
Elina Onitskansky               onitskan at fas
Talia Rosenberg                 trosenb at fas
Josh Rosenbloom                 rosenbl at fas
Blaine Saito                    bsaito at fas
Anna Solomon-Schwartz           csolomon at fas
Miriam Tawil                    tawil at fas
Eric Trager                     trager at fas

We apologize if anyone was inadvertently omitted or misspelled.

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