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Athena Kan athenakan at college.harvard.edu
Sun Mar 25 11:18:44 EDT 2018

 From Scaleup Employee to Startup CEO
a free panel event with four Boston startup CEOs who got their
entrepreneurial feet wet by first working for a successfully scaling tech

   - *Peter Caputa *- rose through the ranks of HubSpot from a starting
   sales role to VP of Sales, before becoming CEO of Databox.

   - *Meghan Maupin* - one of the first 30 employees at Formlabs (now 300+
   employees), now the counder of machine-learning startup Atolla Skin Lab.

   - *Jonathan Kim *- founder of the successful startup Appcues, his former
   bosses at Performable and HubSpot were among his first investors when he
   left to start it.

   - *Parul Singh* - worked for Visible Measures before founding & growing
   her own startup, Gradeable. Now an investor at Founder Collective.

They'll be sharing experiences and answering questions about their paths to
becoming a founder, how working for a scaleup prepared them compared to
getting their MBA or early entrepreneurship attempts, and more.

It should be a great event for any entrepreneurial students. It's March
29th, in Central Square.

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