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Raul Aguilera Ramirez raguileraramirez at unomaha.edu
Fri Mar 16 15:54:28 EDT 2018

*Hello,I hope you're having a great day!My name is Raul Aguilera, a
co-founder of CollegePrep.org <https://www.collegeprep.org/>, an ed-Tech
nonprofit with a vision of making all college preparatory resources free
and personalized to students worldwide. As you may know, AI/ML has a
significant potential in the education sector. AI/ML based tools can be
used to deliver personalized education to everyone, regardless of their
background.You can be part of this movement. We are currently in need of
student volunteers who have skills in or are interested in
learning/obtaining more experience in the following:- Javascript/CSS/HTML-
JavaScript frameworks (e.g. Angular, React)- Object-oriented design- UI/UX-
Database management- AI (Machine Learning/Natural Language Processing)-
Android/iOS- Full-stack DeveloperIf this is something that you are
interested in, here is the sign up link:https://goo.gl/qpRwvQ
<https://goo.gl/qpRwvQ>CollegePrep.org <https://www.collegeprep.org/> is an
early-stage edTech nonprofit operating with a vision of making college
preparatory and college admission services highly accessible and free of
charge, worldwide. Billions of dollars are being thrown into test prep and
college admission advising services, putting students that cannot afford
these services at a great disadvantage. We
<https://www.collegeprep.org/the-team/> seek to change this status quo, and
democratize these necessary resources for use to all. CollegePrep is
building a web-based platform to be a one-stop shop for college admissions
success, ranging from an AI-based custom learning solution to a
tutor-student exchange center.Feel free to share this opportunity with
anyone in your network who you believe would be interested (i.e.
classmates, friends, etc.).Also, visit CollegePrep.org
<https://www.collegeprep.org/> to learn more!Thank you,Raul
AguileraCollegePrep.org <https://www.collegeprep.org/>*
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