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Interested in tech, multimedia, design, or business?
*Then today's your lucky day*—apply to join the 51st masthead of the
Harvard Political Review! The HPR provides its staff and editors with
exciting opportunities to work independently and launch innovative
projects. Applications are now open for associate publishing positions:

   - Associate Tech Director
   - Associate Design Director
   - Associate Multimedia Director
   - Associate Business Manager

Apply Today <https://goo.gl/forms/D4pF1DezDwSmWmQ13>
Create amazing content that reaches hundreds of thousands around the world.
Associate Design DirectorAssociate Design Directors use tools like Adobe
Suite to create dynamic, original designs which are published in print and
online for the HPR’s diverse and cutting-edge written content. Serving in
this position is a unique opportunity to create designs that will be
circulated domestically and worldwide. Associate Directors will also have
the opportunity to lead independent projects as we celebrate the Harvard
Political Review’s 50th Anniversary.
Associate Tech DirectorAssociate Tech Directors have the opportunity to
define how web content is presented as the HPR pioneers new approaches to
journalism. Lead rigorous data analysis projects and/or create engaging
interactive data visualizations, and experience what it is like to serve as
a project manager in this dynamic and flexible leadership role. Most
importantly, you'll be able to work on the topics that interest and excite
you most.
Associate Multimedia DirectorInterested in podcasts, video production,
photography, and/or graphic design? Serving as an Associate Multimedia
Director allows you to explore any and all of those areas.  Multimedia is
an unparalleled opportunity for you to use your passions to join the
conversation and comment on political issues. Interview world leaders and
major figures in media and politics. Join our amazing and talented family.
And let your creative mind take over!
Associate Business ManagerAs an Associate Business Manager, you’ll have the
opportunity to take entrepreneurial initiative, creating and running
projects to improve the HPR. This is your chance to revise and develop new
business strategy for the magazine, use your marketing savvy to increase
web traffic and optimize ad placement, and use your financial skills
to strategically budget and allocate funds. This role is highly independent
and allows you to drive forward projects you're excited about.
Applications are due Saturday, December 15.
Apply Today <https://goo.gl/forms/D4pF1DezDwSmWmQ13>
Questions? Reach out to Wyatt Hurt at wyatthurt at college.harvard.edu. We
look forward to reading your application!
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