[hcs-d] Sign Up for Career Peer and make $30 in 1 minute (actually)

Eric Wasserman wasserman at college.harvard.edu
Sun Sep 24 20:19:49 EDT 2017


I am a campus rep for a company my friends have been working on and it
would be great if you could sign up. It is a peer-to-peer interview help

You can make a quick $30 (paid via Chase QuickPay) by:

1. signing up with my referral code (CP980)

2. listing an interview you took (under 'I can help with'')

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for your help!



[image: CareerPeer Logo] <https://www.careerpeer.com>

[image: Find tutor image]
  Interview Experience?
Get paid for signing up!

Sign up and fill out information for
interviews you've taken.

for the first 75
registerd tutuors



Use my referal code:


SIGN UP <https://www.careerpeer.com/> *Tutors will be vetted and payments
will be made via Chase QuickPay within 72 hours.

  [image: What is CareerPeer?]

CareerPeer connects undergraduates looking for jobs and internships with
peer tutors who have already taken their upcoming interviews.

Our vision is to create a peer-to-peer network where students can find
tutors for upcoming interviews, and those with interview experience can
tutor those who need help preparing.

We are DESKTOP ONLY for the beta.

LEARN MORE <https://www.careerpeer.com/faq>


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Unsubscribe <https://www.careerpeer.com/settings>


Contact Us <https://www.careerpeer.com/contact>
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