[hcs-d] React vs. Xamarin vs. Ionic vs. NativeScript - Any real world experience ?

Nebras Jemel nebrasjemel at college.harvard.edu
Thu Sep 21 05:19:04 EDT 2017

Hi everyone,

To be honest I am only asking this because I am in a dilemma, and am hoping
to see if someone has past experience they would like to share. I am tight
on time, and exploring the possibilities of each of these platforms
hands-on on my own is not something I can afford. so if you have any
love/hate experience with one of these libraries, I would appreciate your

I am headed towards a project that requires me to write a cross-platform
app, making use of multiple native functionality (mainly heavy mobile
vision). I am very confused because, well, it seems to me that ReactNative
and Xamarin and NativeScript provide very similar functionality with
different approaches. React has this whole BSD+patents thing that seems
scary, while at the same time being the most powerful as it allows for a
chunk of code to be reused. Xamarin is great, but it's C# and .NET and all
the Microsoft stuff that sucks if you want access to open source libraries.
NativeScript seems nice, but it also seems that no one cares about it -
There is no major app that I know of that publicly admits using it. And
well, Ionic is hybrid, which seems to be a last choice in my case given
that performance is key.

There is also the issue that I need to support probably Android 4.0 onwards
- and I haven't really looked that much into compatibility issues. So yeah,
any help would be appreciated !

Nebras Jemel
A.B. Candidate, Harvard College
nebrasjemel at college.harvard.edu || US: +1 (617) 368-0187 || TN: +216 23 346
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