[hcs-d] NEW SHUTTLE APP - SmartShuttle Harvard

James Lennon jlennon at college.harvard.edu
Tue Sep 5 14:20:12 EDT 2017


Hope your shopping week’s been going well! Wanted to let you know of a new app for the shuttle designed specifically for Harvard students that will hopefully make your commute a little easier :)

Download Here: tiny.cc/smartshuttle
Or search “smartshuttle” on App Store

SmartShuttle is a new shuttle tracking app for students at Harvard! 👨‍🎓🚌

It features:
* A lightweight UI 🎉
* Built-in shuttle schedule 😱
* Machine learning improved predictions 🤖
* Notifications for when the shuttle is nearby so you can make it on time 🕐 (or at least on Harvard time)
* Recurring reminders if you take the shuttle regularly 🔁

It's designed to be straightforward to use with a simple and lightweight UI - simply look around the map of Harvard's campus and tap on stops (displayed as circles on the map) to see more info!

Again, you can download it here: tiny.cc/smartshuttle


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