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Halite AI programming competition.


Two Sigma has launched an open-source AI programming competition that I
think Harvard Computer Society might have fun with. Halite
is a TS-built competition; it’s a fun, territorial, bot-building
competition with a dynamic leaderboard populated by ever-grasping bots
battling to the top. It has essentially no relation to our business, but it
gives players a glance into one of our collective extracurricular

Could you forward this email to Harvard Computer Society members?

When they sign up to play and submit their first bot (a bit of code in the
language of their choice), their bots will land somewhere on the global
Halite leaderboard and be part of the overall competition. But we’ve also
created a virtual hackathon
specifically for Harvard students, running today through November 15, and
Harvard Computer Society members are invited to play in that hackathon. The
player pool will be entirely Harvard students, so the competition will be

Here’s how to join:

   1. Visit Halite.io
   and click the “Sign Up” button and register to play using your Github
   2. While creating your account, enter your Harvard email address; we’ll
   send you an email to verify that account.
   3. Click the link in your verification email.
   4. Join the Harvard hackathon by adding the access code
   ed6178ffcf8b4c2bb86dda0183ad6ced to your user profile
   5. Submit bot(s); gobble gameboard real estate; climb to the top of
the virtual

In addition to the virtual competition, we’re hosting a live Halite Hack
Night event at Harvard’s I-lab on *November 2*, which you can register to
attend here

Have fun, and let me know if you have feedback or questions.



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