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Higher Moment Capital

About Us

We are a Boston based quantitative hedge fund cofounded by a former
academic and a high tech entrepreneur. Our growth currently has us looking
for outstanding, motivated candidates with intellectual curiosity to join
our quantitative research team. This position offers a unique opportunity
to have a direct impact on the company’s success through your research on
market strategies. You will work closely with our portfolio manager,
researchers, and software engineers to develop and refine proprietary
quantitative models. Emphasis will be placed on your learning and
professional growth, and you will have the opportunity to attend industry
conferences and high level meetings. This position is an excellent
opportunity for graduates seeking to apply technical and quantitative
skills to the financial markets. It is also an opportunity to make a big
impact and experience fast career growth.



   Full-time quantitative researcher (starting in summer of 2018)



   Gathering and analyzing data using statistical models and programming
   languages such as Python and R

   Model development using latest academic research

   Conducting independent research on various investment products,
   including equities, fixed income, futures, and options

   Communicating findings and providing support to portfolio managers and
   traders for day to day strategy implementation



   Strong quantitative and analytical skills with a solid foundation in
   statistical and mathematical methods

   An advanced degree in a quantitative or technical field with a strong
   academic record and research experience

   A passion for research, programming, and solving complex problems

   Strong communication and collaboration skills to work within a
   multi-disciplinary team of developers, quantitative researchers, and

   No prior knowledge of finance or trading is necessary.

How to Apply


   Applicants should send resume and transcripts to
careers at highermoment.com *by
   Tuesday, 10/31*



   If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Wentao Xu (Harvard
   ‘17) at wxu at highermoment.com
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