[hcs-d] Hands-on venture capital @DormRoomFund—apps due Oct. 15!

Athena Kan athenakan at college.harvard.edu
Sun Oct 8 13:18:59 EDT 2017

Hi all,

Can't recommend joining Dorm Room Fund enough; it's easily been the best
decision I've made in college. Responsibilities include sourcing
student-run companies, critically evaluating their business
models/market/product/team, voting to invest in them, and supporting them
as portfolio companies however they need (helping them hire, fundraise from
institutional investors, think about strategy, obtain customers, etc).

It's a really great way to learn a ton about both the investing and
operating side of startups—I had no experience in venture capital at all
prior to joining, but have since learned what it really takes to start a
company and keep it going, met some of the most incredible founders out
there, and gotten really close with other people on the team :)

Definitely apply as soon as you can—applications are rolling! Feel free to
ask me any questions!

*Join the Dorm Room Fund team!*
$300M in follow-on funding from Sequoia, a16z, Google Ventures, and more. 8
companies in Y Combinator S17. Student-run.

Hi. We’re Dorm Room Fund
<https://mltrk.io/link/http%3A%2F%2Fdrf.vc/J2dhm1fefNh9m1NUbj3H>— the best
way for student founders to grow their startup.

We're built by students and powered by First Round Capital
<https://mltrk.io/link/http%3A%2F%2Ffirstround.com/J2dhm1fefNh9m1NUbj3H>, a
venture fund that has invested in companies like Uber, Square, and Warby
Parker. We provide founders with a strong network of investors, world-class
mentors, and a $20,000 check.

*We're looking for new batch of investment partners to join our team of
undergrads, MBA's, PhD's, and JD's who are investing in their most
promising peers.*

We’ve delivered the best-in-class entrepreneurship and VC education to our
student partners and helped them build successful startups, launch venture
funds, and land careers at Sequoia Capital, KPCB, the White House, Dropbox,
Google, and more.

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