[hcs-d] [THIS FRIDAY] Intern with Feeding America, the UN, Boston Public Schools & More

Allison Kao allison_kao at college.harvard.edu
Tue Nov 28 01:01:07 EST 2017

Intern at United Nations, Feeding America, Boston Public Schools, & more.

*SIC Impact Fellows* is an initiative from the Harvard College Social
Innovation Collaborative. Our mission is to create opportunities for
Harvard students to get exposure to the cutting edge of the social sector.

This fall, we’re offering top-tier internships at organizations like *UNICEF,
American Enterprise Institute, The Nature Conservancy*, and *Boston Public
Schools *in finance, marketing, policy, and technology for *Spring and
Summer 2018*.

As a SIC Impact Fellow, you’ll develop transferable *skills*, benefit from
unparalleled *mentorship*, gain *real-world experience*, and make a
measurable *impact*.

Apply Now <https://goo.gl/forms/9AwBqpYKSUzHyFyA2>
This year, make an *impact*.

To learn more about our opportunities, visit the application page below.
The application is short – just *four questions and a resume drop.

   - Deadline: Friday, December 1

Apply here: *https://goo.gl/forms/ETVdyjYGjDl5A4vr2
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