[hcs-d] Cat & Nick: Here's to Computer Science

Nicholas Boucher nboucher at college.harvard.edu
Mon Nov 13 22:35:24 EST 2017

Hi CS Friends,

Like most people on this list, I believe that tech has the power to make
great change (which is why I study CS). I'm running with my great friend
Cat Zhang for UC Prez/VP and am asking for the support of this community
not only because I believe strongly in our platforms
<https://catandnick.org/what-well-do>, but because I believe strongly in
tech people using their skills to better the non-tech world (here
<https://nova.ga/>'s the Python application I wrote which makes UC
financial data public and provides online tracking of UC Grants).

As a fellow CS concentrator, please take a moment to *vote*
<https://catandnick.org/vote> or read more on our website

[image: Inline image 1] <https://catandnick.org/vote>

Together We CAN,


TL;DR: Help a CS concentrator, *vote* <https://catandnick.org/vote> here.
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