[hcs-d] Cake or Pie?

Michael Bervell michaelbervell at college.harvard.edu
Sun Nov 12 11:59:57 EST 2017

Hey HCS,

Since the dawn of time, pastry lovers have asked one age-old question: cake
or pie? This epistemic dilemma has been debated by Quora, Food Network, and
(most importantly) Buzzfeed.  Vic & Mike (Vic-and-mike.com) want to settle
this discussion with the brightest minds in the world. Right now. Right
here. *Do the survey below.*

But before doing the survey, we wanted to highlight a few things on our
platform that don't get enough attention:

   - *$250k Social Fund*: We want to work with businesses, non-profits,
   alumni, and startups to engage Harvard students in FREE social events
   around Boston.
   - *HUHS Sexual Assault Training: *Currently, HUHS nurses are not trained
   to perform evidence collection after sexual assault. Instead, they are sent
   to hospitals in Boston; we want to change this.
   - *HarvardKey Digital Polling: *We want to gauge and amplify student
   voice and student engagement by creating a HarvardKey polling system
   (inspired by Dartmouth's Pulse Polling
   <http://www.pulseopinionresearch.com/> system).

Complete the survey below -- we want to hear your opinion!

Cherry pie, blueberry pie, equity pie, oh my!

~ Vic & Mike
Cake or Pie

   Cake or Pie? *
   - Cake
      - Pie
   I want to be reminded when UC voting begins on Monday, November 13! *
   - Yes, I want my slice of the pie!!!
      - Not really...
   Vote Vic & Mike
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Michael Bervell
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