[hcs-d] Free pie!!!

Athena Kan athenakan at college.harvard.edu
Wed Nov 8 16:16:50 EST 2017

Students always ask one classic question: “How do I make the most of my
time here?” The answer is simple. Every moment in our 4 year experience
must count. However, too often the College treats us like bad apples:
beings whose sole purpose is to pay tuition and go to class. They rarely
account for student voice in making decisions and make feeble attempts to
enhance your social and personal growth outside the classroom.

This is not okay.

We believe that you deserve a bigger voice in the Harvard ecosystem. We
believe that you should be able to look back at your 4 years here and
smile. We believe that your Undergraduate Council has a responsibility to
make your life as sweet as apple pie.

We are running for UC President and Vice-President because we want EQUITY.
We want to sweeten Your Slice of the Pie
We’re asking for your vote to start making a delicious impact. Send us into
the kitchen so we can start baking.


Our vision focuses on implementing realistic projects to grow the pie for
everyone. We will work with student groups, local businesses, and faculty
administrators to benefit every Harvard student. The last thing thing we
need is a UC that isn’t willing to think outside the box, take a pie to the
face, or use new ingredients to make a change.

Send us a snap, check out our platform
and keep any eye on your Facebook feeds
It’s time to reclaim your slice of the pie!

Also check out the policy platform linked on our website
​ (Vic-and-mike.com
. We would love your feedback!

Feel free to email us at
​VicAndMike2017 at gmail.com

Slice to meet ya’,

Vic & Mike
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