[hcs-d] Event TOMORROW: HBS startups looking for co-founders, tech talent

gshen at college.harvard.edu gshen at college.harvard.edu
Mon Mar 27 21:18:18 EDT 2017

Wanted to share an opportunity that I think would be of interest if you are pursuing a career in tech.  HSA Dev and the HBS Entrepreneurship club are co-hosting an event next Tuesday 3/28 from 4:30p – 6p at HBS (111 Aldritch Hall) called “The Big Pitch.” 
HBS founders will pitch their startups to the Boston CS community (Harvard, MIT, others) in search of co-founders and tech talent.  For HCS members, it’s an awesome opportunity to get pitched to and cherry-pick startups where they want to play a big role and meet the founders / join.  The startups will be competing for $3k total of cash prizes and in-kind services so we’re expecting some great startups.  There will also be plenty of free food.
Some details included on attached flyer, please be sure to click attending on the Facebook event here.  The Eventbrite Link to register is here.

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