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Apply by March 31st

| Anything but a traditional pitch competition |

*Featuring guests from*


*More than just a pitch*

Startup Masterclass was designed with education and engagement in mind.
Following a presentation to world-class experts, Harvard startups will
engage in an interactive feedback session with said panelists in front of a
live audience for up to 30 minutes each. The entire process is a valuable
learning experience for both startups and observers.


*World class mentorship*

The aim of the session is for the startup to receive constructive feedback
in a collaborative and back-and-forth manner with the panelists, rather
than the exchange just occurring only once, as it does in pitch
competitions. This year our panelists are *Alex Rampell
General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz*; *Patrick Chung
General Partner at Xfund*; and *Thomas Eisenmann
HBS Professor and Faculty Co-Chair of the HBS Rock Center for


Presented by Harvard Student Agencies (HSA)
masterclass at hsa.net
67 Mt. Auburn St.
Cambridge MA 02138
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