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First, my apologies for posting in HCS-d but it seems like my posting got
lost on HCS-jobs. I’m a 2010 alum looking to find exceptional software
engineers to work closely with research scientists and engineers as a part
of our new company, Arbor Biotechnologies. We’re located in Cambridge, MA,
and are working at the intersection of computer science and protein
biodiscovery—our mission is to efficiently uncover and characterize
proteins for impactful applications in human health and sustainability,
sourced from the remarkable diversity of proteins in nature found within
terabytes upon terabytes of microbial genomic sequencing data.

My labmate and I founded Arbor in 2016 with our PhD advisor Feng Zhang
(most recently, of CRISPR renown), and David Walt (scientific founder of
Illumina), with the aim of building the biodiscovery opportunity into a
transformative company. We have raised a healthy Series A, and
additionally, are immensely proud of the science, culture, and team we have
built so far.

If this intrigues you, we hope that you’ll check out the job description
below <http://www.arbor.bio/careers/software-engineer-research/> and see if
there’s an opportunity to work together (we’re also looking for a research
associate <http://www.arbor.bio/careers/research-associate/> with
experience in sequencing and molecular biology if you have any awesome
friends) Please email me if you have any questions, and I would deeply
appreciate it if you could pass this along to anyone else interested—thanks
a million!

Warm regards,



Arbor Biotechnologies is a venture-backed startup based in Cambridge, MA,
composed of a small team of scientists and engineers pushing the boundaries
of discovery at the intersection of computer science and biotechnology.
With a tight-knit founding team that includes Feng Zhang
<https://www.broadinstitute.org/bios/feng-zhang> and David Walt
<https://wyss.harvard.edu/team/core-faculty/david-walt/>, we are uncovering
and characterizing nature’s inventions on an unprecedented scale to
generate impactful applications in human health and sustainability.

We seek highly-motivated individuals with the dedication, integrity, and
creative spirit needed to thrive in an innovative company. Working at Arbor
offers a unique opportunity that combines the fast pace and growth
opportunities of a startup with the intellectual rigor and creativity of
academia. Our salaries are competitive, our benefits are generous, and our
team is exceptional.

Job Summary:

With rapidly decreasing DNA sequencing costs, we are able to look at the
genomes of many organisms for the first time. At Arbor, you will be at the
cutting edge of biodiscovery, systematically searching through nature’s
diversity to discover and engineer new technologies for improving human
health and sustainability. You will be expected to tackle a wide range of
problems, from engineering large-scale data processing pipelines to finding
novel uses of machine learning. Our incredible scientific team is advancing
the state of the art in high-throughput protein characterization with new
technologies, and a desire to learn and contribute at every level is a huge


We're looking for experienced engineers and top graduate students /
post-docs with:


   Strong software engineering and interpersonal skills

   Experience building production-quality systems for data collection and

   Success applying a range of machine learning algorithms on real world
   data sets

   Robust data analysis skills, and ability to present results to both
   technical and non-technical audiences

   A demonstrated ability to spin up quickly and have a high impact across
   multiple domains

   At least 1-2 years of experience or industry internships

Please submit your contact information and resume here:
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