[hcs-d] Microsoft Student Partners (MSPs) program opportunity, deadline soon

Eric Timmerman erictimmerman at college.harvard.edu
Sat Aug 19 13:25:24 EDT 2017

>From Microsoft:

Are you passionate about cutting-edge technologies to empower every person
and every organization on the planet to achieve more? Yearning for impact
to change the world? Then, what are you waiting for!? Apply *NOW* for the
2017-2018 Microsoft Student Partners (MSP) program. This is a fantastic
opportunity for you to become a technology leader and empower others at
your school! MSPs build Microsoft communities on their campus and share
their deep knowledge and passion for technology with fellow classmates.
This is an awesome opportunity to lead a campus community, boost your
resume and receive exclusive access to resources.

Please apply at aka.ms/applyMSP2017. See below one-pager for more program
information and let us know if you have any questions.

Be a tech guru on your campus!

[image: cid:image001.png at 01D05CFA.5D2C5430]

[image: cid:image012.jpg at 01D31052.33B8FB40]

*Join the Microsoft StudentPartners program community*

The Microsoft Student Partners (MSP) program is Microsoft’s college
partner program
for*students who are passionate about technology, ambitious, and want to
grow their resume.*

MSPs represent Microsoft on campus. They nurture a community of
student developers,
excite them about technology, and inspire them to build cool things. MSPs
also get access to many perks: *the opportunity to learn from and work
alongside industry professionals, access to a community of
like-minded students, and of course, compensation, free software, hardware,
and swag!*

Apply *here* <https://aka.ms/applyMSP2017> or learn *more*
<http://www.microsoftstudentpartners.com/> about the program. The deadline
is August 20th, 2017.

"The program allowed me to make an impression beyond my resume.”

– Ramsey Khadder, 2013-2016 MSP

*So, would you be a good fit?  The ideal MSP candidate**is*:

   - Passionate about technology
   - Tech-savvy, thrilled to learn new skills and share those with others
   - Capable of giving presentations and demonstrating the newest
   technologies to fellow students
   - Not afraid to go out and grow a community on-campus and online by
   interacting with students and faculty
   - Actively involved on-campus and with student organizations

For any questions contact USMSP at microsoft.com. We look forward to your


The US MSP team

*[image: cid:image013.png at 01D31052.33B8FB40]*
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