[hcs-d] "Why CS" Event Seeking Presenters Sept 6

Hailey James haileyjames at college.harvard.edu
Fri Aug 18 13:55:28 EDT 2017


WiCS + CS50 is looking for presenters for our “Why CS” event, an event showcasing individuals who have projects in “crossover” fields, or projects that merge CS and another field such as psychology, medicine, social sciences, etc. The event will be held on September 6 in Fong Auditorium, from 7-9pm, with several presentations of 10-15 minutes. Do you know of a student (including yourself) who might be willing to give a presentation?

Our data suggests that one problem we face in improving diversity is attracting a diverse student population in the first place. We struggle less with retaining students in the program or during shopping period than with attracting the students to shop a CS class to start with. The primary goal of the event is to improve diversity in CS at Harvard by highlighting CS applications to other fields.

The presentation would be 10-15 minutes (possibly slightly longer or shorter, depending on our final number of presenters), and ideally low-level enough to be accessible to a diverse audience. We would love a short, TED-talk style presentation that highlights how you applied (or apply) computer science to another field. The event will be primarily advertised to the incoming class, with sophomores, juniors and seniors welcome to attend as well.

Please refer candidates to myself and Alisha!

Hailey and Alisha

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