[hcs-d] Hello from Rigora

Anna Liu annaliu at college.harvard.edu
Tue Aug 8 02:13:26 EDT 2017

Check out this cool opportunity for recruiting this season!



Rigora is a new platform that* helps students with existing software offers
go directly on-site at other tech companies*. Our belief is that if you can
pass one interview process, you shouldn't need to do more.

How it works: When you receive a software engineering offer (full-time or
return offer), let us know. We'll match you with top companies (*our
partners include Facebook, Palantir*, and other high-growth startups), who
will take you directly on-site. You'll multiply offers you have on-hand
before the deadline, thus increasing your options and negotiation power.

If you accept an offer from a Rigora partner,* we'll pay you $1000 *(companies
give us a referral fee, so it makes sense to give you a portion of that!).

We're venture-backed and in private beta, so if you're interested for Fall
2017, sign up on our website <https://www.rigora.co/>. You don't need to
have an offer on-hand to sign up.

Questions? Reach out at recruiting at rigora.co.


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