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Raphael Rouvinov raphaelrouvinov at college.harvard.edu
Wed Apr 26 20:59:50 EDT 2017

Join 3,600 students this summer in 48 states and 126 countries.

Playbook connects students all over the world during the summer, creating a
global community.

Sign up for Summer Playbook
now open

Take part!

“Last summer, I was interning in Hong Kong and I didn't know anyone there.
A couple of days in, my friend recommended Playbook and that's how I
started meeting people! My experience was drastically different because of
Summerplaybook" -Sybil, Columbia

“I was able to snag a couch in NYC for a weekend when my plans fell
through.” --Amanda, Brown

“When I went to live in Mauritius, I didn't really know anyone. Summer
Playbook helped me get in touch someone 10,000 miles away from home!”
--Sara, Harvard

See who's around this summer.

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