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*Dorm Room Fund's weekly roundup of cool startups on campus.*
*State of Harvard Startups — 4/19/17*

*Planetary Health Watch*, *Entyde*, and* Parachute Teachers *each won $10K
at Harvard's 10th Annual i3 Innovation Challenge.
*Planetary Health Watch*
Our goal is to use computational methods to leverage online big data to
identify and predict harmful environmental exposures. We will mine online
public concerns and observations to generate real-time hazard detection
algorithms and an application to track and report environmental hazards.
Crowdsourcing public concerns using big data will enable us to more rapidly
predict and respond to environmental hazards, making it possible to avert
crises and save lives.

*Pooja Chandrashekar '18, Yulin Hswen HSPH '19, Jeremiah Liu HSPH '19*
Entyde is an affordable sensor device that ensures proper EMS (Emergency
Medical Services) intubation when performed in the field (not in a
hospital). Endotracheal intubation is the process of placing a tube into
the trachea of a patient when they cannot breathe independently such as in
certain cases of cardiac arrest. A common risk during intubation is the
misplacement of the endotracheal tube into the esophagus rather than the
trachea. This error can lead to severe, life-threatening damage suffered by
the patient. Entyde ensures proper placement by sensing a change in CO2
emitted from an endotracheal tube and delivers a digital indication of
proper or improper intubation.
*Parachute Teachers*
Parachute Teachers is addressing the substitute teacher shortage by tapping
into the talents of local community members and matching them with schools
in need of substitutes through our online marketplace. We’re the Uber for
substitute teachers – and our teachers are reimagining the role of the

*Sarah Cherry Rice GSE*
*Upcoming Events/Opportunities*

Summer 2017 Venture Incubation Program applications now open
*Due April 24th*
Part incubator, part accelerator, it’s a faster-paced 10-week commitment
(June 5 – Aug 11) that provides a select cohort of eligible, hungry
startups with a breadth of resources to help them take their ventures
further, faster.

HBS New Venture Competition F
*April 25, 4:30–6PM*
In HBS's flagship entrepreneurial event, finalists will compete for over
$300,000 over three separate tracks: student business, student social
enterprise, and alumni.

by Harvard Student Agencies <https://startup-masterclass.com/>
*Saturday April 29th, 5-8:30PM, Ames Courtroom, Austin Hall, Harvard Law
Following a presentation to world-class experts from Andreessen Horowitz,
Volition Capital, XFund, and Harvard Business School, Harvard startups will
engage in an interactive feedback session with said panelists in front of a
live audience for up to 30 minutes each.

Join our community of Harvard summer interns to connect with friends,
mentors, alumni, and leading tech companies and venture capitalists.

*Harvard's DRF partners: Joe Kahn '18
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Email Athena at awk at drf.vc
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