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DRF x Harvard
*Dorm Room Fund's weekly roundup of cool startups on campus.*
*State of Harvard Startups — 4/11/17*

DRF portfolio company *Veho Technologies *is a finalist in HBS's New
Venture Competition, *PEEK* launched just over a week ago, and
*Newsroom* launched
*Veho Technologies*
Veho Technologies is re-inventing the way packages are delivered. Using
crowdsourced drivers in their own private vehicles rather than traditional
delivery trucks, our data driven platform provides delivery companies with
a highly efficient way to complete last mile delivery. Veho brings to these
carriers the benefit of a completely flexible fleet with an unprecedented
customer experience, making it easy for anyone to become a delivery driver.

*Itamar Zur HBS '17, Matt Graham HBS '17, Lukas Keindl*
NewsRoom serves as your platform to read, share, and socialize around the
news that matters to you. It’s simple. Interested in an article? Create a
cast, share it with your followers, and start a conversation. With over 200
news channels to pick and read from, you’ll no longer have to switch
between apps to find your news.

*Pierre Hirschler '18, Tomislav Zabcic-Matic '19, Anthony Marshi, Michael
*PEEK* <https://mltrk.io/link/http%3A%2F%2Fheypeek.com/3nhT0DZM27JSn0PRWSDs>
PEEK serves a personalized feed of the best events happening around
Harvard’s campus. Users can find events that matter to them without
subscribing to 100+ club listservs and clubs, societies and Harvard faculty
can easily market their events to an engaged demographic, all through the
one sleek UI.

*Brendan Falk '20, Matt Schrage '20*
*Upcoming Events/Opportunities*

Harvard i3 Innovation Challenge Finalist Showcase and Awards
*April 12th, 6-8:30PM, Harvard Faculty Club*
Hear new ideas, meet dozens of teams, and mingle and speak with Harvard
student founders. The winners of grants and prizes totaling more than
$30,000 will be announced at the showcase!

Summer 2017 Venture Incubation Program applications now open
*Due April 24th*
Part incubator, part accelerator, it’s a faster-paced 10-week commitment
(June 5 – Aug 11) that provides a select cohort of eligible, hungry
startups with a breadth of resources to help them take their ventures
further, faster.

HBS New Venture Competition F
*April 25, 4:30–6PM*
In HBS's flagship entrepreneurial event, finalists will compete for over
$300,000 over three separate tracks: student business, student social
enterprise, and alumni.

Join our community of Harvard summer interns to connect with friends,
mentors, alumni, and leading tech companies and venture capitalists.

*Harvard's DRF partners: Joe Kahn '18
Nathaniel Brooks-Horowitz '18,
<https://mltrk.io/link/mailto%3Anhorowitz%40drf.vc/gNxgZo82kUOZXIN1oDsH> Athena
Kan '19 <https://mltrk.io/link/mailto%3Aawk%40drf.vc/gNxgZo82kUOZXIN1oDsH>*
Email Athena at awk at drf.vc
<https://mltrk.io/link/mailto%3Aawk%40drf.vc/gNxgZo82kUOZXIN1oDsH> to be
featured on next week's issue!
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