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Roger Zou rzou at college.harvard.edu
Fri Sep 30 15:38:28 EDT 2016

Hey HCS,

Passing along since it's interesting.

Did you know that The Great Mobile Appathon 2016
<https://www.modolabs.com/appathon-2016/>is being held at Harvard
University next weekend, October 8-9?  No matter your college major or
technical skills, you are invited to apply for participation. But the
deadline to apply is fast approaching, so register now!

As a participant in the appathon, you will be granted access to the no-code
Modo Campus Engagement platform where you can create your app. This
platform allows anyone to create unique, one-of-a-kind mobile apps.
Flexible screen templates allow you to incorporate any type of custom
content, rich media, feed-based data and web applications into your app.
To learn more about the platform, visitwww.modolabs.com.

Apps must enhance campus and/or student life.  Ideas include, but are not
limited to apps for:

   - Any different campus club or organization.
   - Performance groups
   - Academic advising and support
   - Career advising and resources
   - International groups
   - Greek life
   - Religious groups
   - Campus programs (e.g., sustainability efforts)
   - Alumni programs
   - Any other useful information or tips for students, like how to find
   the best study spot, when group hike or skiing trips are taking place or
   where to find the best museums or libraries.  Be creative!

Harvard University winners will be awarded a $3,000 cash prize for first
place and $1,500 for second. One national winner will be awarded a $10,000
cash prize!

Don't delay!  For more information, and to register, visit:

Contact Landon Lemoine at landon.lemoine at modolabs.com for more info.
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