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*Cognescent is hiring its first round of developers to work on a
revolutionary new Brain Computer Interface in New York City.*

Who we are

Cognescent is a team of scientists, engineers, designers and entrepreneurs.
We’re committed to working together according to the following values:


   Expanding scientific knowledge and understanding.

   Improving human experiences.

   Building practical applications that impact people every day.

   Investing in one another and our community.

What we’re building

We are building technology that teaches computers to capture and decode
subtle body movements and signals from your muscles and motor neurons,
creating the most personalized user experiences ever. With this technology,
computers no longer feel like separate devices that must be manipulated;
they become natural extensions of you.

Fast facts


   Employees: 14

   Founded: September 2015

   Location: Flatiron, New York City

   Financing: Series A round with Spark Capital, Matrix Partners, Breyer
   Capital and others


Thomas Reardon, PhD - CEO & Co-Founder

Reardon is a software developer, neuroscientist, and entrepreneur. Best
known as the creator of the Internet Explorer project at Microsoft, Reardon
began his career there as development manager for Windows 95 and later
played key roles leading Internet software strategy. After a decade at
Microsoft, he co-founded Avogadro, Inc., in 2001 where he was CEO.
Following the $100M purchase of Avogadro, he served as CTO at acquirer
Openwave. In 2005 Reardon made a radical leap into academia, earning
degrees from Columbia University and Duke University, and spent the last
five years doing research in neurobiology at Columbia, where he is a PhD
candidate (2016). In 2004, Reardon was recognized by MIT on the “Top 35
Young Innovator” list. He has spoken widely about Internet technologies,
and was a founding Board Member of the W3C. He holds seven US patents.

Patrick Kaifosh, PhD - CSO & Co-Founder

Patrick is a theoretical neuroscientist with deep experience in optical
physics and neurobiology. He received his BSc in Mathematics and Physics
from the University of Toronto, where he received the Chancellor’s Silver
Medal in Science. Dr. Kaifosh went on to complete his PhD in Neuroscience
at Columbia University, where he developed methodologies for imaging and
analyzing neural activity as animals learned about their physical
environment. As part of this work, he created and led the development of
SIMA, the open source software package for imaging analysis of neural
circuits. SIMA is used by dozens of neuroscience laboratories around the
world. His published work has appeared in Science (2014), Nature
Neuroscience (2012, 2013, 2014), Neuron (2014, 2016), The Journal of
Neuroscience (2014), and other journals. His many honors include
recognition as an International Student Fellow of the Howard Hughes Medical

Tim Machado, PhD - CTO & Co-Founder

Timothy is a neuroscientist and software algorithms designer. He graduated
with honors from the University of California, San Diego where he studied
Cognitive Science and Computer Science. He then received his PhD in
Neurobiology from Columbia University while working jointly with Thomas
Jessell and Liam Paninski. Dr. Machado’s scientific work spans machine
learning, statistical neuroscience, and motor neurophysiology. His thesis
work (Cell 2015) used laser-scanning nonlinear microscopy and novel machine
learning methods to examine how ensembles of spinal neurons dynamically
interact to produce the specific patterns that underlie locomotor
behaviors. He has published in Nature, Neuron, The Journal of Neuroscience,
and The Journal of Neurophysiology. He earned early recognition in his
career as a Graduate Fellow of the National Science Foundation.

*If you are interested in being a part of this up and coming development
team please contact Ben Jones: *ben at cognescent.com
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