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D4D Talk by Palantir Technologies

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*D4D Presents Palantir Technologies**A Talk on Privacy and Civil
September 14 | 5:30-7:00 PM | Fong Auditorium*

Harvard College Developers for Development (D4D) is thrilled to
welcome Palantir Technologies to campus for a talk on Privacy and Civil
Liberties. *Join us for a chance to network with recruiters from the
company, hear from Harvard alumni who have worked there, and understand
what makes Palantir one of the most exciting tech companies in the world.*

Palantir Technologies works with some of the world's most important
institutions to solve their most urgent problems through data analysis. Our
products are deployed in spaces as diverse as cybersecurity,
counterterrorism, healthcare delivery, insurance pricing, and anti-human
trafficking. In each of these domains, privacy issues are at the forefront
of the challenges our engineers face. We invite you to join us for a
presentation and discussion with our Privacy and Civil Liberties
Engineering Team, in which we'll discuss Palantir's unique approach to
these issues. Learn how complex and nuanced data privacy concepts can be
translated into technological principles, and how software can be designed
to complement and strengthen data privacy laws, regulations, and policies.
RSVP Now <http://harvardd4d.cmail20.com/t/i-i-kilruud-l-r/>
Harvard College Developers for Development
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