[hcs-d] Fwd: Join IOP's STEAM Initiative!

Priscilla Guo priscillaguo at college.harvard.edu
Wed Sep 7 11:58:48 EDT 2016

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 Concentrating in science, technology, engineering, arts or math (STEAM),
but with a hidden love for politics?

Are you a political junkie with a secret love for all things STEAM?

*Get STEAMy with the IOP's STEAM Initiative!*

Learn how STEAM relates to politics while gaining hands-on experience
with political
strategy, civic tech, advocacy and media / graphic design!

*This semester's projects are listed below:**
*Science*: Using scientific psychology research to drive education
political strategy

*Technology*: Using a Twitter Sentiment Analysis API to predict 2016
election results

*Engineering*: Analysis of economic political strategy to help bring clean
water engineering solutions to citizens' homes

*Arts*: Lobbying and advocacy efforts to formalize arts education in

*Math*: Creating statistical algorithms to make government finances more
transparent for taxpayers

Apply here: bit.ly/joinIOP
Due by 9/8 at 11:59 PM.

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Come meet the executive board at our *discussion event on race and tech
with Agora founder Elsa Sze on Thursday (9/8) from 3-4pm*, held in
conjunction with the IOP Politics of Race and Ethnicity (PRE) Initiative.

We encourage you to apply and look forward to meeting you soon!

- IOP STEAM Executive Board

Priscilla Guo, Chair (priscillaguo at college.harvard.edu)
Patric Cao, Vice Chair (patriccao at college.harvard.edu)
Neha Reddy, Membership Chair (nreddy at college.harvard.edu)
Katy Dolan, Communications Director (dolan at college.harvard.edu)

Priscilla Guo
Harvard College | Class of 2018
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