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Eric Timmerman erictimmerman at college.harvard.edu
Thu Sep 8 10:40:15 EDT 2016


If you were able to make it to Wednesday's Bootcamp 0, great! It was
wonderful to meet you all. If you weren't, no need to worry! You can check
out the presentation we showed here

*Bootcamp 1* will be on *Wednesday, September 14th* from *6-7:30pm* in *Emerson
210*. Attendance at all future bootcamps will be *mandatory* if you would
like to become a member of HCS. If you absolutely cannot make it, please
email me (Eric) at erictimmerman at college.harvard.edu, and we'll figure
things out. There will be snacks and drinks provided, but you may want to
get dinner beforehand.

On slides 18 and 19 of the presentation linked, you can find the
*pre-requisites* that need to be completed *prior* to arriving at the
bootcamp. If you do not have a Facebook account or do not use Messenger,
please fill out this form <https://goo.gl/forms/QnyrbxVJAnrjVWOD2> to
request test data to use during the bootcamp. That, or kindly ask one of
your friends for their data to use. We will only be providing test data to
those that absolutely need it, since truthfully the bootcamp will be more
fun for you if you use your own.

We hope to see you next Wednesday (and at Memory Leak 4.0
<https://www.facebook.com/events/1258264787558481/> on Saturday)!

The HCS Board
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