[hcs-d] Fwd: Want Soul Cycle and Tatte Passes? Take the 2016 Counter Culture Survey.

Tina Liu tinaliu01 at college.harvard.edu
Wed Oct 26 23:00:20 EDT 2016

You know the *Indy Annual* *Sex Survey.*
We're trying something a little new...

*The Harvard Independent introduces the*

*2016 IndyCounter Culture Survey*
*about drugs and body modification at Harvard.*

*Take the survey here <https://goo.gl/forms/ft9STkyDwT1Z0Y8V2>*
for maybe sex(y *tattoos*),
mostly *drugs*,
& plenty of rock'n'roll

*The survey* <https://goo.gl/forms/ft9STkyDwT1Z0Y8V2> is short, and
can enter a lottery for gift cards to

*Soul Cycle, Tatte, and other restaurants in the Square*(in case your
newfound Tatte addiction is hard to kick).

You can also *share your stories* --
we're talking about the ones that don't get passed
around the Thanksgiving table.
(well, unless it's a #lit one...)

Finally, we're welcoming *guest contributors* --
art, photos, articles, creative writing,
and everything in between!

*Send your stuff toeditorinchief at harvardindependent.com
<editorinchief at harvardindependent.com>*

*Fill out this survey <https://goo.gl/forms/ft9STkyDwT1Z0Y8V2>*

Want more from the Indy?
Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/harvardindependent
or visit http://www.harvardindependent.com/
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