[hcs-d] MIT + HCS: Ramen Run

Javier Cuan-Martinez cuanmartinez at college.harvard.edu
Sun Mar 20 16:59:40 EDT 2016

HCS is collaborating with MIT's Techx in organizing a paid excursion to the
Wagamama in Harvard Square on *Saturday, April 2nd @ noon.*  This is a
great opportunity to connect with students from outside of the boundaries
of Harvard and gain a taste of what tech clubs on other campuses are
working on. Also, FREE RAMEN!!!

We only have space for a limited number of people, so we will randomly
choose who will be selected to attend. Please make sure that you will be
available on the specified date so that we can give as many people a chance
to attend as possible. Simply provide your email in the following google
form! If we do not get back to you before March 29th, please assume that
you were not selected for the trip.


Hope to see you there!
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