[hcs-d] Free mock interviews with engineers fro top companies

Eela Nagaraj eelanagaraj at college.harvard.edu
Thu Mar 10 22:44:15 EST 2016

Passing on a message from a Harvard alum--looks like it could be a super
helpful service for anyone going through tech interviews in the future!


We are RefDash - interview enthusiasts with the goal of improving the
recruitment process for companies. While interviewing candidates at top
tech companies, we realized the current interview process is broken in many
ways. Our team comes from Harvard, MIT and other top schools; we have
recently been in your shoes and now understand how unnecessarily stressful
and time consuming the entire process is.

Our platform will give you an opportunity to conduct mock technical
interviews with experienced interviewers. At the end you will get detailed
feedback on the things that you did well and suggest ways to improve so you
can land a job with a company which is your perfect match.

If you’re curious about how it works, go to https://refdash.com
sign up for a completely free and stressless mock interview.

The RefDash team!
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