[hcs-d] Startups looking for cofounders or tech people

Jorge Calderon jcald1 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 5 01:05:00 EDT 2015

I know a few startups looking for technical cofounders or have
technical positions:

Zumim is community management software with clients like AltSchool and
YouNoodle.  PHP, HTML5, SPASS, Java, JQuery.  Offering equity.
Lucky Cricket is the linked-meets-basecamp for filmmakers, combining
project management meets social networking to remove the
barriers-to-entry for young storytellers. We are a young company
looking for developers to join the team in return for small equity
stakes (currently working in Ruby on Rails, CSS, HTML, JAVA, C++ all
pluses).  While it’s otherwise unpaid (currently), we are willing to
renegotiate down the line. Other opportunities include interacting in
the startup spaces around Boston and interacting with the filmmaker
community. www.luckycricket.org

Freelanship provides paid project-based internships:


The Fantasy Fitness League (FFL) is a B to B competitive corporate
wellness program that combines the current popular trend of
self-governed, in-house group “Biggest Loser” competitions, and the
week-to-week competitive model, associated visual language, and
general subculture associated with fantasy sports. Based on applied
gamification design techniques and theories of motivational
psychology, the vision of the FFL is to offer the most effective,
engaging, and fun wellness program to businesses seeking a healthier
lifestyle for their employees.


 **The FFL is currently seeking technical cofounders to create a
functioning MVP. With interest already from investors, accelerators,
and clients, the FFL is primed to make a very fast and exciting ride
to market. If you are interested to learn more please contact me at
joshcrandall1 at gmail.com.
sofamatch.com / sofas.mx/ matchmuebles.com

We're a fast-growing, dynamic start-up poised to create a new retail
model based on multi-channel direct to consumer products on the
furniture and home-décor space. We have more than 15 years of
experience in building quality furniture and have ventured into online
retailing. We are building a highly scalable consumer brand. We're
currently searching for a stellar Lead Engineer to join our team and
expand the reach of our platforms (sofamatch.com / sofas.mx/

We are building for the long run and a combination of functionality
and ascetics is essential

We're looking for someone with a passion for programming and for
writing beautiful code. You will join a team of exceptional teammates
working in a fast-paced environment to deliver world-class software.

The Position:

We are searching for a Lead Engineer too work with our team and
directly with the co-founders to revamp the company's eCommerce
websites, ERP systems, data warehousing, and other core applications.
Our ideal candidate will be self-motivated and hard-working, willing
to do full stack, end-to-end development; someone who thrives in a
fast-paced environment and enjoys a new challenge
Also, if you haven’t checked it out already, the Harvard i-Lab has
some postings at Batten Hall and this is a good resource too:

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