[hcs-d] Computer Science Mentorship Program

Javier Cuan-Martinez cuanmartinez at college.harvard.edu
Tue Jan 27 14:53:03 EST 2015

Do you feel lost in regards to how to pursue a concentration or secondary
in Computer Science? Does it feel like your alone whenever you have a
question regarding CS?

Sign-up for the Harvard Computer Society's Mentorship Program: Big O's and
Little O's!!!

This program sets-up those with less CS experience with more experienced
mentors that can coach them in course-scheduling, the life of a CS
concentrator, and many more opportunities in CS!

You can sign-up to be either a mentee (Little o) or a mentor (Big O). The
link to sign-up is provided below and is due by 11:59pm of February 6th,

There will be a kick-off dinner after the submission process is over where
mentees and mentors can get to know each other and the rest of the program

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