[hcs-d] Live Q Sign Up!! (Fill out by midnight TODAY)

Lucy Cheng lcheng at college.harvard.edu
Sun Jan 25 11:09:23 EST 2015

Hey everyone!

Hope you enjoyed break! As school approaches, I'm sure everyone has started
thinking about classes. To help you out, HCS and WiCS will be holding the *Live
Q* event.  We are planning to hold the event the *Wednesday of shopping
week, January 28, at 5:30 in Ticknor Lounge*. *Sushi* *will be served! *

For those who haven't heard, the Live Q is exactly what it sounds like --
a live version of the Q guide.  The event will start with a panel of WiCS
and HCS members talking candidly about their experiences taking the CS
classes offered this semester.

To make the Live Q work, *we need you to volunteer to share your
experiences! *If you are willing to talk about a CS class (or classes!)
you've taken (just for a minute or two), please *fill out the Google doc
below by midnight Sunday! *(It's super informal, so if you've taken the
class, just sign up!)


See you all there! And let me know if you have any questions!

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