[hcs-d] Jobs for Summer 2015! -- Introducing the HackHarvard Recruiter Directory

Tomas Reimers tomasreimers at college.harvard.edu
Wed Jan 21 00:54:16 EST 2015

This email was originally sent to the HackHarvard mailing list. We are also
sending it to HCS because we are firmly committed to helping *all* CS
students at Harvard, and if you're not already on our list, you should join!



Hi All,

I'm writing with some exciting news!

Recently HackHarvard has compiled a list of recruiters/tech companies that
you can email in case you have any questions before you apply to an
internship. We hope this directory will allow students to get in touch with
more companies, and help them find their best fit for the summer.


Hopefully this helps some of you in your summer pursuits!

Hack on,
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