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Edwin Whitman ewhitman at college.harvard.edu
Sat Jan 17 22:23:57 EST 2015

Dear Harvard Coding Community,

My name is Ned Whitman, and I am a senior in Lowell house concentrating in
the History of Science writing my thesis on the origins of visual
human-machine interaction and the history of the graphical user interface.

I am participating in the Winter Xcelerate program for my start-up
Sightlines that I will be launching with top-tier museums worldwide. *We
are currently looking for developers who can code with us this week for
demo day on Friday--inquire sightlinesapp at gmail.com
<sightlinesapp at gmail.com>*.

If you know anyone who might be interested please pass this flyer along!
It's also worth mentioning that any developer participating in this
incubation for Winter Xcelerate will have investment opportunities.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Very best,


*Join us!*

*sightlinesapp at gmail.com <sightlinesapp at gmail.com>*

*Future museum tech will enhance, not compete with, everyone’s experience
with works of art.*

*We live in a world of constant stimulation. From buzzing smartphones in
our pockets to streams of unending media we consume on monitors everywhere.
This world has duely saturated our minds, altering the fundamental way we
understand visual media. Neither an 18th-century painting nor a then novel
photograph of the19th century has the same resonance with a 21st-century
viewer as they did in their own time. Technology has changed and will
continue to change both the creation and reception of art. Let’s welcome
the future of art together.*
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