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Sara Freed Sussman sarafs at mit.edu
Mon Jan 5 10:31:43 EST 2015

*Spring HSSP Teacher Applications are open!*

*Apply* <https://esp.mit.edu/teach/HSSP/2015_Spring/makeaclass>* by January
15th to teach a seven-Saturday long class to middle and high school
students on the MIT campus.*

Join an incredible community of teachers! Free food and T-Shirts!
First-time teachers welcome!

What is Spring HSSP?

   - 1-2 hour classes for middle and high school students on the MIT campus.
   - 7-weekend program on Saturdays (from February 21st to April 11th,
   skipping March 14th)

What should I teach?

   - Examples from past Spring HSSPs include:
   - Dance 101
      - Origami Design: Folding the World
      - Hands-On Digital Circuits - 010110010100000101011001!
      - Critical Interpretations of Hamlet
      - LabVIEW Programming
      - Introduction to Actually Cool Math
      - Experimental Highlights from Modern Physics
      - Winning Scrabble Strategies

**Click here <https://esp.mit.edu/teach/HSSP/index.html> for more
information on Spring HSSP, or e-mail spring-hssp at mit.edu if you have

Interviews will be held in person or over the phone in January, with more
information to follow.


Ama Koranteng, Sara Freed Sussman, and Sophie Mori
Spring HSSP Directors
MIT Educational Studies Program
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