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Here <https://github.com/cassidoo/getting-a-gig>'s a really thorough
resource for anyone looking for internships.

There's even a blurb for just freshmen/sophomore exclusive programs!

In addition to these fellowships, several companies offer special programs
> for younger students that are similarly geared towards learning and
> mentorship. Here's another list that is not complete, but will get you
> started:
>    - Microsoft Explore
>    <http://careers.microsoft.com/careers/en/us/university-programs.aspx> (I'm
>    biased because I did this one, but this program is AWESOME)
>    - Google Engineering Practicum
>    <https://www.google.com/jobs/students/engpracticum>
>    - Facebook University of Engineering
>    <https://www.facebook.com/careers/university/fbueng>
>    - Intel IRISE
>    <http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/jobs/locations/united-states/students/internships/intel-early-internship-software-engineering.html>
>    - Qualcomm EIP (Early Identification Program)
>    <https://www.qualcomm.com/company/careers/interns>
> Good luck everyone!

On Fri, Jan 9, 2015 at 4:25 PM, Jarele Soyinka <jsoyinka at college.harvard.edu
> wrote:

> First, some info for all freshman involved in HCS!
> Facebook University for Engineering
> We believe that anyone, anywhere can make a positive impact by developing
> products to make the world more open and connected to the people and things
> they care about. FBU is a paid eight-week summer internship designed to
> provide mobile development experience to students who are historically
> under-represented in computer science.
> The eight-weeks is broken down by two weeks of training, followed by
> six-weeks of hands-on project experience in a small team setting.
> Throughout the duration of the program you’ll be paired with an engineering
> mentor who will help guide you along the way.
> Our development cycle is extremely fast, and we've built tools to keep it
> that way. It's common to write code and have it running live on the site
> just a few days later – we’ll show you how!
> Responsibilities
>    - Participate in a mobile development training course
>    - Work in a team of 3 on mobile projects with our product team
>    - Apply current programming knowledge (in C++, Java, PHP or other
>    programming language) and learn new technologies
> Requirements
>    - Current freshman (first-year undergraduate)
>    - Must have a legal right to work in the U.S. for the duration of the
>    internship
>    - Demonstrated interest in science and technology
>    - Available to work in Menlo Park, CA
>    - Knowledge of at least one programming language (ie: C/C++,
>    Javascript, Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, Lua, etc)
> *Link:* https://www.facebook.com/careers/university/fbueng
> Next, an international experience for any university student!
> Hello!
> I just wanted to follow up on my previous email informing you of Sage
> Corps <http://sagecorps.com/>, an elite experiential learning program
> that sends top college students abroad to work with fast growing startup
> companies. In addition to the internship, we provide a calendar of events
> to immerse Fellows (students) in the local startup community as well as
> assigning each Fellow a Sage (career mentor), who will help the Fellow
> leverage their abroad experience into their next professional goal.
> If this program is something that might interest students in your
> organization, I would appreciate you passing it on. I have included a short
> blurb about our program below, but please feel free to check out our
> website, Sagecorps.com <http://sagecorps.com/>, which contains all the
> program information. This link will also bring you straight to our 2015
> brochure: sagecorps.com/2015-sage-corps-brochure
> Thank you in advance for your help! Let me know if you have any questions,
> and of course pass my email on to anyone that may have questions as well.
> Thanks,
> Emily
> ___________
> *Sage Corps <http://www.sagecorps.com/>* is an elite experiential
> learning program that sends top college students to work with entrepreneurs
> at foreign tech startups for 8-12 weeks. All startups are affiliated with a
> local business accelerator/co-working space, with whom Sage Corps partners.
> For 2015, Sage Corps will run programs in Argentina, Brazil, Chicago,
> Colombia, Hong Kong, Ireland, and Singapore. Past students made incredible
> contributions to their companies, whether it was personally raising
> $500,000 USD for a seed round or developing a new, revenue-generating
> product for a startup.
> In addition to the internship experience, students also attend tech
> conferences, networking events, investor pitches/demo days, and a speaker
> series held at multinational corporations. Finally, each student connects
> with a Sage <http://www.sagecorps.com/thesagenetwork> -- a successful
> business leader in the United States who provides career advice and
> potential job contacts/opportunities.
> To Apply visit sagecorps.com/apply
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