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First, some info for all freshman involved in HCS!

Facebook University for Engineering
We believe that anyone, anywhere can make a positive impact by developing
products to make the world more open and connected to the people and things
they care about. FBU is a paid eight-week summer internship designed to
provide mobile development experience to students who are historically
under-represented in computer science.
The eight-weeks is broken down by two weeks of training, followed by
six-weeks of hands-on project experience in a small team setting.
Throughout the duration of the program you’ll be paired with an engineering
mentor who will help guide you along the way.
Our development cycle is extremely fast, and we've built tools to keep it
that way. It's common to write code and have it running live on the site
just a few days later – we’ll show you how!

   - Participate in a mobile development training course
   - Work in a team of 3 on mobile projects with our product team
   - Apply current programming knowledge (in C++, Java, PHP or other
   programming language) and learn new technologies


   - Current freshman (first-year undergraduate)
   - Must have a legal right to work in the U.S. for the duration of the
   - Demonstrated interest in science and technology
   - Available to work in Menlo Park, CA
   - Knowledge of at least one programming language (ie: C/C++, Javascript,
   Java, PHP, Ruby, Python, Lua, etc)

*Link:* https://www.facebook.com/careers/university/fbueng
Next, an international experience for any university student!

I just wanted to follow up on my previous email informing you of Sage Corps
<http://sagecorps.com/>, an elite experiential learning program that sends
top college students abroad to work with fast growing startup companies. In
addition to the internship, we provide a calendar of events to immerse
Fellows (students) in the local startup community as well as assigning each
Fellow a Sage (career mentor), who will help the Fellow leverage their
abroad experience into their next professional goal.

If this program is something that might interest students in your
organization, I would appreciate you passing it on. I have included a short
blurb about our program below, but please feel free to check out our
website, Sagecorps.com <http://sagecorps.com/>, which contains all the
program information. This link will also bring you straight to our 2015
brochure: sagecorps.com/2015-sage-corps-brochure

Thank you in advance for your help! Let me know if you have any questions,
and of course pass my email on to anyone that may have questions as well.



*Sage Corps <http://www.sagecorps.com/>* is an elite experiential learning
program that sends top college students to work with entrepreneurs at
foreign tech startups for 8-12 weeks. All startups are affiliated with a
local business accelerator/co-working space, with whom Sage Corps partners.
For 2015, Sage Corps will run programs in Argentina, Brazil, Chicago,
Colombia, Hong Kong, Ireland, and Singapore. Past students made incredible
contributions to their companies, whether it was personally raising
$500,000 USD for a seed round or developing a new, revenue-generating
product for a startup.

In addition to the internship experience, students also attend tech
conferences, networking events, investor pitches/demo days, and a speaker
series held at multinational corporations. Finally, each student connects
with a Sage <http://www.sagecorps.com/thesagenetwork> -- a successful
business leader in the United States who provides career advice and
potential job contacts/opportunities.

To Apply visit sagecorps.com/apply
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