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Jarele Soyinka jsoyinka at college.harvard.edu
Thu Jan 1 20:32:26 EST 2015

I can definitely understand the frustration! And it seems like a great area
of potential integration for the future. I'll be sure to rely on your
feedback during implementation!

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On Thu, Jan 1, 2015 at 5:15 PM, Malavika Jayaram <
mjayaram at cyber.law.harvard.edu> wrote:

> Awesome. It’s a pet peeve of mine that (some) lawyers can make bad tech
> policy and law that is techno-illiterate, and (some) techies can ignore
> non-technical variables while designing systems that have legal
> implications. I’d love to see more community-building in the space between
> the two disciplines, and indeed between others. If you do implement some
> variation of my idea, feel free to reach out if I can help road-test it in
> any way.
> Side note: I get bounced and have to wait for moderator approval before I
> can post to your lists, but nothing came in the way of sleepy cats being
> transported across the ether.
> On 2 Jan 2015, at 06:22, Jarele Soyinka <jsoyinka at college.harvard.edu>
> wrote:
> Thanks for your input! I love this idea, because it seems so intuitive,
> yet it wouldn't have been something I'd come up with on my own. People on
> our board generally have a decent amount of experience with computer
> science, so an idea like this wouldn't normally be pitched at our meetings
> either; it's exciting to see the fruits of reaching out to our community as
> a whole pay off so quickly! Also keep in mind (not just you, but everyone
> who wants to be involved with HCS) our organization's target audience isn't
> just CS die hards who wrote their first piece of code before they could tie
> their own shoes, but really anyone with goals in computer science.
> Tangential monologue aside, I'll be looking forward to implementing this
> idea as soon as possible. Though it may take a bit more time than desired,
> due to events that are already being planned in the status quo. If you have
> any specifics or other ideas you'd like to contribute, they'd be greatly
> valued!
> Side Note: I'd be very disappointed if the Sleepy Cat in Water Jar and
> Sleepy Cat Snake files didn't load when you received my email.
> On Thu, Jan 1, 2015 at 4:26 PM, Malavika Jayaram <
> mjayaram at cyber.law.harvard.edu> wrote:
>> A suggestion from a non-CS person over at the Berkman Center: if you
>> could agree on a way to communicate the technical level of a talk, that
>> would be super helpful for the wider universe that the talks are of
>> interest to. I say this with all the requisite disclaimers: yes, I realise
>> we are not your primary audience, yes, it can be annoying logistically, not
>> all talks can be easily classified, not all non-CS people are the same, etc
>> etc. But if you could colour-code (a sort of traffic light system) or offer
>> some other easy tag or signifier to indicate the likely positioning of a
>> talk along the spectrum from 'fairly accessible even to a dreaded newbie’
>> to 'inscrutable without a postdoc in the field, don’t bother', it would
>> really help those of us interested in straddling disciplines that are
>> related to our own but not actually ours. For example, I’m a lawyer by
>> training, working on privacy, identity, surveillance and other cyberspace-y
>> issues that could benefit from more technical knowledge, and I recognise
>> that some talks on differential privacy may be easier to grasp than others.
>> The sooner the geeks of various stripes straddle disciplinary boundaries,
>> the better.
>> Just an idea.
>> Malavika
>> http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/people/mjayaram
>> On 1 Jan 2015, at 04:41, Jarele Soyinka <jsoyinka at college.harvard.edu>
>> wrote:
>> Hey All!
>> Hope your vacations have been treating you all well!
>> As the organization has transitioned into the new HCS Board for 2015,
>> we've got a lot of new and exciting events already in the works for you
>> all. Still, to make sure that we avoid some of the slips of the past, we
>> feel that it's incredibly important that we get feedback from our most
>> valuable opinions (wink wink that's you all)!
>> So tell us how you felt about our tech talks of the past. I know a lot of
>> people found the Facebook Technical Interview Workshop rather interesting,
>> so tell us what you liked about it, and ways that we could improve. We
>> appreciate negative feedback too; there's no doubt that some of the past
>> tech talks had people like:
>> <Sleepy Cat Snake copy.gif>
>> <Sleepy Cat in Water Jar.gif>
>> ​So tell us why they sucked, and how you'd want to make them better. And
>> if any of you have companies that'd you want to have visit Harvard, or
>> different types of events you'd like to try out, don't hesitate in sharing
>> your ideas. The board has already talked about having an event where
>> multiple companies come at once to give demonstrations, but the most
>> important voice in all this belongs to you (that's right you, over there,
>> with the clothes and the face). So feel free to email me privately, reply
>> to this email, or start a new thread on hcs-discuss.
>> So be prepared for an exciting year for the Harvard Computer Society;
>> there was a lot of stuff discussed at our most recent board meeting, top
>> secret stuff that I could get assassinated for mentioning, but at the very
>> least I can tell you that there was a Smash Bros. 4 live demonstration, and
>> we did discuss the merits of the Pokemon theme song. If that doesn't
>> convince that this year will be awesome, you are most likely Stalin.
>> Have a great New Year!
>> Best,
>> HCS Board
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