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Victoria Gu vgu at college.harvard.edu
Wed Jun 25 23:30:57 EDT 2014

Forwarding for a friend!

###     TreasR     ###
We are a team of two Harvard grad students working on a smart, hyperlocal
marketplace for low-cost items.
Our mission is to disrupt bartering and giving websites like FreeCycle,
Craigslist or eBay classifieds by making it extremely simple to trade free
or low-cost items.
Our main USP will be both in the process (predictive analytics, use of
geodata) and in the user experience (beautiful, minimalistic UX design for

What we are searching for a CTO or tech lead who is proficient in:
- Objective-C / CSS / JS skills for iPhone, android and WebApp development
- Basic machine learning / predictive analytics skills
- UI/UX design skills

Contact: Simon Mueller Simon_Mueller at hks15.harvard.edu

Time commitment: part-time over the summer (potentially rolling into
full-time role in the future)

Victoria Gu
vgu at college.harvard.edu
Harvard College Class of 2015
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