[hcs-d] Civic Tech Startup looking for Developer

JN Fang jfang at college.harvard.edu
Sun Aug 3 22:28:50 EDT 2014

Looking for a web developer with potential to expand position to CTO for a
for-profit government start-up.  Ideal candidate should be interested in
the US Electoral System and have a general idea about how campaigns work.
 The goal is to launch the project by November/October 2014 and work on the
test-run for the November 2015 elections.  The ideal candidate should also
be excited to work in a collaborative setting with the other team members.

Contact Jackie at jlender at college.harvard.edu if interested.



   Ruby on Rails experience

   Experience in coding websites with login features

   Understanding of how to make secure sites for payment transactions;
   preferably previous experience making websites with private features




      Ensure that the site is secure both for personal and credit card


      Ability to recreate small Excel spread-sheets for the website

      Should have the ability for dynamic interaction between users and


      Ability to link Google Calendar and iCal with the platform as well as
      create a small functional calendar for the website that can
‘remind’ users
      to do certain things


      Ability for administrators to communicate with users via the online


   Administrative review (i.e. ability for administrators to monitor
   submitted material)

Jiayun (JN) Fang
Harvard '16
A.B. Candidate in Computer Science
Secondary in Global Health and Health Policy
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