[hcs-d] deleting files

Jim Danz danz at fas.harvard.edu
Sun May 27 14:42:46 EDT 2012

'rm' should usually be what you want, with the caveat that it doesn't
actually destroy the contents of your files; it just removes their
directory entries and marks their disk blocks as free.  So it's no good if
you need to prevent an adversary with physical access to your machine from
being able to read the contents of your deleted files.

Maybe you remember somebody cautioning you against always running 'rm -rf'
without being SURE that's what you meant to do?  Or maybe you can try some
Gmail searching to uncover the thread that you're remembering?

Separately, this is my first email to an HCS list as cruft.  wtf :(
On May 27, 2012 9:17 AM, "Robert Nishihara" <robertnishihara at gmail.com>

> A while ago, I remember someone said not to delete files with 'rm'. How do
> you guys delete files in practice?
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