[hcs-d] @college emails are broken and no one is fixing them

Jeremy Cushman jscushman at gmail.com
Tue Sep 27 17:07:29 EDT 2011

Dear HCS,

I'm writing to ask everyone on this list with an @college email address to
send an email to FAS-IT urging them to fix the problem of @college accounts
randomly rejecting emails from our mailing lists.  Many of you have probably
been affected by or have heard about this issue, where people don't receive
some emails from mailing lists and some people's subscriptions are
automatically disabled.  I've been in contact with FAS-IT for weeks now,
since the @college transition, and the problem has not been resolved.  Feel
free to send this form letter or to customize:

Dear FAS-IT,

In the past few weeks I have missed numerous emails from HCS mailing lists
that I am subscribed to with my @college email address.  The messages that
I've missed have been sporadic and there is no indication that the messages
were not delivered until my subscriptions are disabled due to excessive
bounces.  Many administrators rely on these mailing lists to relay important
information to students and student organizations rely on them to
communicate.  I urge you to find a solution to this matter as soon as

[Your name]

*Please, please copy and paste this into an email to
help at fas.harvard.edu(and bcc:
jscushman at hcs.harvard.edu) if you are subscribed to any mailing lists with
an @college address*.  Even if you think the problem hasn't affected you, I
can assure you it has.

I've tried pressing them for a solution and it hasn't worked, as the problem
hasn't been resolved.  I'm hoping that if enough students write in then it
will get their attention.

Thanks for your help,
Jeremy (feel free to forward on to house lists)
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