[hcs-d] Hack Nights: Introduction to Vim, Tivli Tech Talk [Tuesday night in Maxwell-Dworkin]

Brandon Liu bliu at college.harvard.edu
Mon Sep 12 21:45:40 EDT 2011

Hey everyone,

We'll be having our second hack night tomorrow night, with plenty of free
snacks, pizza, and soda as usual. Just join us in the CS lounge in
Maxwell-Dworkin at 9pm!

We're trying out a new initiative for hack nights that involve brief 10-15
minute presentations to current technologies and anything else interesting!
For tomorrow night, I'll be giving a quick introduction to Vim by
demonstrating some of its powerful capabilities and why I am in love with

The Tivli team will also be there to give a tech talk and share the coolest
features they've been building this summer!

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