[hcs-d] where, oh where has our mailing list gone?

EJ Bensing ebensing at college.harvard.edu
Sun Sep 11 13:10:37 EDT 2011



Earlier this morning we experienced problems on our systems. We were
recently able to bring them back online. Let us know if you notice any
further issues.



E.J. Bensing




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The page looks fine to me when I visit it.  Are you still having issues?  It
might just have been a temporary issue, or it may already have been fixed.

On Sun, Sep 11, 2011 at 12:05 PM, Zak Stone <zstone at gmail.com> wrote:


I'm the moderator for Quincy House's quincy-open mailing list, and I
find it a little disturbing that the listinfo page below currently
returns the message "No such list quincy-open":


Any theories as to whether our mailing list is simply taking a little
nap or whether it has permanently croaked? Have other mailing lists
been affected as well?

Many thanks,
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