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This was forwarded by the Engineering Society and some of you might find it


I work with a non-profit rural hospital in India, JSS (
http://jssbilaspur.org/about/), managing the build of an electronic medical
record system based upon the open-source platform OpenMRS.

JSS is a leading healthcare provider in India; its doctors hail from AIIMS,
the premier teaching hospital in south Asia. To further their vision of
high-quality healthcare in resource-constrained environments, JSS has set
forth the ambitious goal of transitioning from its current paper-based
recordkeeping system to a health information system operating on cloud-based
servers and tablet computers. To that end, we  could use some help.

I’m interested in finding students or faculty who want to participate in
collaborating. This project will undoubtedly benefit tens of thousands of
people in the near term, and many more in the long term.

The plan is not only to build an open source health information system for
JSS (using OpenMRS), which involves designing, building and implementing a
custom UI atop the OpenMRS database, but also to make this system freely and
widely available for other organizations to implement as easily as possible.
We are designing the system to be completely cross-platform. The users
interact with the application through a web application using OpenMRS, which
is a web application that runs on a Java servlet. It uses basic
JSP+JavaScript (jQuery UI) to generate the user interface.

This EMR project already has a small group of very committed and talented
programmers in the US and India, but is looking for additional handful of
skilled folks to volunteer in rounding out the team. I was thinking this
would be a ideal project for a small group of students to participate in, as
the project’s development timeline extends from early September through

If you know anyone who might be interested, I’d be happy to send additional
documentation - we have quite a lot - and answer any questions.

Very best,

For more information about JSS please see the link above and this news item
about its work:

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