[hcs-d] Fwd: Dear Harvard College Webmail Account Subscriber

Louis Evans louis.evans at college.harvard.edu
Mon Jun 6 19:30:14 EDT 2011

This is fake, right?

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> From: Harvard College Webmail Account Maintenance <online584103 at telkomsa.net>
> Date: June 6, 2011 5:58:49 PM EDT
> To: undisclosed-recipients:;
> Subject: Dear Harvard College Webmail Account Subscriber
> Reply-To: upgrade_web at cyberservices.com
> Dear Harvard College Webmail Account Subscriber
> This is to notify you that due to recent spam complaints of 
> webmail users in our webmail @college.harvard.edu data base,
> our investigation shows that your webmail account is compromised
> and frequently send out spam messages.
> As a result, our network engineer needs to conduct a maintenance in your 
> webmail account for 2011 upgrade to maintain the reliability of our 
> service. On this note the management request you to submit your webmail 
> account online and fill the information carefully to upgrade webmail
> @college.harvard.edu account.
>     Click Here
> Failure to provide your webmail account confirmation details below 
> within 48hrs, will lead to disable or shut down your webmail Account.
> Regards, 
> Webmail Team 
> Notification Officer, 
> Web Maintenance Customer Care Centre. 
> --------------------------------------------------------- 
> Copyright 1986-2011 Webmail Maintenance Team

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