[hcs-d] Self-nomination for Business Manager

EJ Bensing ebensing at college.harvard.edu
Mon Dec 5 00:52:41 EST 2011

Hey hcs-discuss,


I am going to nominate myself for Business Manager.


Over the last year a lot has happened. Abrody (The man, the myth, the
legend) has left us to go on and do bigger and better things, we've moved
the servers to 1414, hard drives have been replaced, and datamatch had its
highest turn out ever. We've run a couple dinners, had a few tech talks, and
now have a door sensor on the homepage. All in all, it could have been
worse. J


We do have a lot of room to improve. This semester activity has been
slightly lack luster, and as such I feel we are not attracting new members
like we should/could be doing. I think we need to try and either run more
boot camps ourselves or come up with some other recruitment mechanism. We
should also try and find more projects that people just getting out of CS50
can work on for the spring. Most of our offerings right now are systems
related, and while that appeals to a few people, it has a relatively high
barrier to entry and a lot of people just want to code.


I've also been in the meetings with our new CTO, Jim Waldo, who as Carl said
is quite an awesome guy and he really seems to believe in HCS's mission and
wants to help us in any way he can. As business manager, I hope to work more
with him on acquiring hardware from HUIT and maybe even get some funding
from them for events. I also hope to get HCS current with all of the members
who have foot the bill for our various expenses this year and to make sure
and collect our dues from other groups such as the crimson. I will also work
on developing relationships with other groups (both student and non-student)
to hopefully get us some more income, hard drives don't pay for themselves


If you think this doesn't sound crazy, I'd hope you choose to vote for me
for Business Manager this Wednesday.


E.J. Bensing

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